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Disease Stages/Levels of Inflammation in Iridology



Disease Stages/Levels of Inflammation

There are basically 4 levels of disease (dis-ease) or inflammation in the body that can be seen in the iris.

They are:

1. Acute - White - An Acute or overactive condition in the body would be seen by the Iridologist as white in the iris. An acute condition is a condition that is active meaning there might be discharge or pain as occurring during cleansing (a Cold) or Arthritis (pain in the joints).

2. Subacute - Grey - A Subacute condition in the body would be seen as an area slightly darker than the normal colour of the iris. This would be a light grey colour in the iris which denotes a slightly sluggish area.

3. Chronic - Dark Grey - A Chronic condition in the body would be seen as a darkened area in the iris such as a medium brown color. This would denote a chronic condition in the body or a condition that has been a problem for quite some time. Most individuals do not realize symptoms before they are in the chronic condition. This is when most conditions surface and cause the most problems.

4. Degenerative/Destructive - Black - Lastly, a Degenerative/Destructive condition in the body would appear as a blackened area in the iris. This is when the cells do not repair themselves and can lead to the end of life if not taken care of properly. Many of the fatal diseases are found in the degenerative area.

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