Homeopathic First Aid Kit including Tropical Diseases

homeopathic first aid 

Having a  Homeopathic First Aid Kit in your home gives you the ability to treat minor ailments and complaints yourself. Thankfully homeopathy is the law of similars not the law of exacts. Therefore it is relatively easy to self-prescribe a homeopathic remedy if you have a reasonable idea of the symptom picture.

The more you use first aid homeopathy the more confident you will become in prescribing acute remedies in first aid situations. It also means that when you call your homeopath for advice you may have the indicated remedy in the kit and so not have to wait for it to arrive by post or call to collect it.

How to Decide which Remedy to Take

It is clear that there are several possible remedies for some ailments. The best thing to do is start taking the remedy which seems to best fit the ailment, or which the patient feels might suit him or her best.

Take every 5 or 10 minutes if symptoms are severe or every half hourly. Expect improvement after two doses. If there is no improvement, try another remedy. If the patient starts to feel better, carry on, but take the remedy less frequently, perhaps every two hours.

Once the patient has recovered, he or she should stop taking the remedy. There is nothing to be gained by continuing to take homeopathic remedies after recovery. For further advice Ask Carina!


early stages

Early inflammation with mild symptoms Ferrum phos 30c

Deep inflammation with bruised feeling and guarding Arnica 30c

Bright red, swollen and throbbing pain, affected part < cold wind, Belladonna 30c

To form a vent, slow development, lymph nodes affected Silica 30c

Suppurative stage

Suppuration, sensitive, patient irritable and cross, Hepar sulph 30c

Violent chills, part looks like "bad meat" gravely ill, Pyrogen 30 c

Gravely ill, abscess oozes dark blood, skin dry cold mottled Crotalis horridus 30c

Healing stage

To promote healing, Calendula 30c

With shooting pain, Hypericum 30c

To dissolve scar tissue Thiosinaminum 30c


Give immediately, Arnica 30c

Where there is shock or swelling alternate Arnica 30c with any other indicated remedies, repeating as often as necessary

With great fear Aconite 30c


With fever, Aconite 30c or Arsenicum 30c

Anticipatory, with diarrhoea, Gelsemium 30c

With paralysis or trembling, chills up spine, Gelsemium 30c

See also:

Anticipatory, with diarrhoea, Arg nit 30c

Anticipatory but not agitational, Lycopodium 30c


For fear, Aconite 30c

For shock, Arnica 30c


Red, hot, swollen, shiny, > cold applications, Apis 30c

Animal bites, with shooting nerve pain, Hypericum 30c

Blue, cold, puffy, > cold applications, Ledum 30c

With shooting pain, Hypericum 30c

See also:

Bluish around bite, Lachesis 30c

Very painful, worse touch, Staphisagria 30c

Rabid Dog Bite

Belladonna 30c and Lyssin 30cgiven every day for one week followed by once a week for 6 weeks

Seek vaccination also

Mosquito Bites

Ledum 30c

Snake Bite

Extreme fear Aconite 30c

Repeated doses of Ledum 30c whilst applying First Aid

Bluish around bite Lachesis 30c

Tick Bite

In the first instance, Ledum 30c

To draw the tick out silica 30c

If suppuration occurs Hepar sulph 30c


Give straight away, Arnica 30c

The specific remedy > cold applications Ledum 30c

Injury from blunt object, Symphytum 30c


Blood blisters after injury, Arnica 30c

Blisters from new shoes, Hypericum 30c

Blisters from burns see BURNS


Early stages before head has formed, Silica 30c

Small, numerous and sore, Arnica 30c

Burning, Arsenicum 30c

Hot and throbbing, Belladonna 30c

Slow to heal, Silica 30c

See also:

Itchy, Sulphur 30c

Painful, infected, with pus, Hepar sulph 30c

Severe inflammation with blueness and a black centre Anthracinum 30c

To promote healing Alternate Hypericum 30c and Calendula 30c

If symptoms persist consult a qualified homoeopath or doctor


Hard, engorged, hot, red, Belladonna 30c

Hard, engorged, hot, pale, worse movement, Bryonia 30c

Abscess with smelly, corrosive pus, Merc viv

30c too much milk, Pulsatilla 30c

Sharp pains in left breast during feeding, Silica 30c

abscess which is very slow to heal, Silica 30c

Baby vomits / has colic after breast milk, Silica 30c

See also:

If abcess with pus, extremely painful, Hepar sulph 30c also recommended:

If milk production varies greatly, Urtica urens 30c

If sore, cracked nipples, radiating pains, Phytolacca 30c

If too little milk, Dulcamara 30c


For shock Aconite 200c

Before setting and every few minutes initially, Arnica 30c

Worse for slightest movement, stitching pains, Bryonia 30c

Also recommended:

After setting

Two or three times a day Arnica 30c

Once setting is confirmed by X-Ray Symphytum 30c

Both Symphytum 6c, one dose nightly & Calc phos 6x, one dose mornings for 7 days


Of soft tissue, Arnica 30c

Also recommended: Arnica cream / ointment, but only on unbroken skin for deep tissue (e.g. contusion of breasts), Bellis perennis 30c


DO NOT REMOVE CLOTHES run under cold water first

For shock, Arnica 30c or Aconite 200c

1st degree burns

With redness and NO blistering Belladonna30c

2nd degree burns

If area of injury better hot applications, Arsenicum 30c

If area of injury better cold applications, Cantharis 30c

3rd degree burns

For deep burns, which are slow to heal, Kali bich 30

If sepsis sets in Hepar sulph 30c

Also recommended:

Urtica urens cream externally to soothe minor burns for serious burns, seek immediate medical attention


Feverish and fearful, Aconite 30c

With fever and throbbing head, Belladonna 30c

If blisters pus-filled / smelly, Merc viv 30c

With cough, thirstless, clingy, Pulsatillla 30c

Very itchy rash, extreme restlessness, Rhus tox 30c

See also:

Rash slow to emerge, with cough Ant tart 30c

Also recommended:

Use Calendula Cream / Ointment or Talc externally, but wait until rash emerges fully


Hot, itchy, worse heat, Pulsatilla 30c

Dark red inflammation, worse cold, damp, Rhus tox 30c

Also recommended:

Worse on the feet, worse for cold, Agaricus 30c

Tamus cream / ointment externally Calendula cream / ointment externally, if they break


Distinguished from diarrhoea or dysentery by severe cramping, particularly in limbs

First Stage only. Sudden prostration, cramping in calves, great chilliness, moans and groans, desire to be uncovered although chilly, Camphora 30c

Spasmodic moving cramps from arms to legs to  abdomen or chest. Violent cramping with nausea and vomiting. Drinking sips of water prevents vomiting. Spasm in throat prevent speech. Wants to be covered, Cuprum metallicum 30c

Drenching cold sweats, especially on forehead. Violent odourless diarrhoea with vomiting and cramps in fingers. No anxiety. Cramps in chest force patient from bed Veratrum album 30c

For further remedies see DIARRHOEA / DYSENTERY


First stage

Prophylactic for any disease ending in "ITIS"one dose at all first stage of inflammation Ferrum phos 30

Early stages, Aconite 30c

With sneezing and dripping nose, Natrum mur 30c

Thin, watery, burning discharge, chilliness, makes top lip sore, chilly, thirst for sips, Arsenicum 30c

Sudden violent onset, cold comes on after chill. Redness, heat and rawness of throat and nose. Violent, throbbing headache Belladonna30c

Second stage

With flu-like aching, thirstless, chills down spine, Gelsemium 30c

Slow development of symtoms, painful cough, severe headache. Dry lips and mouth thirst for large quantities of water, Bryonia 30c

Thick, bland, profuse discharge, thirst less, better for fresh air, patient wants sympathy, Pulsatilla 30c

Violent sneezing, yellow green mucous burns skin around nose and lips. Sore throat, hoarse voice, alwful taste in mouth Mercurious sol 30c

See also:

Slow to go, Silica 30c

Thick, yellow, stringy discharge, Kali bich 30c

Affects nose, ears and throat. Thick yellow green mucous. Chilly, wants to be covered, irritable, Hepar sulph 30c

Colds go to chest quicklythirst for cold drinks, may have bloody mucous, Phos 30c


On lips, Rhus tox 30c

See also:

On lips, mouth, caused by sun, Natrum mur 30c

On lips, Sepia 30c


If better for pressure or bending double, Colocynthis 30c

If better arching backwards, Dioscorea 30c

In teething children, Chamomilla 30c

Better bending double, Mag phos 30c

See also:

With fever and cramps, Nux vomica 30c

In breast or bottle-fed babies, Silica 30c

Better bending forwards, Belladonna 30c

Better lying still with knees up, Bryonia 30c

Bloated above the navel, China 30c

Bloated below the navel, Carbo veg 30c

If complaint comes on after humiliation, Staphisagria 30c also recommended:


Great fear  Aconite 200c one or two doses then Aconite 200c every five to ten minutes until patient recovers

Severe injury, bleeding give Arnica 200c every five to ten minutes

Air hunger, desire to be fanned, patient feels cold, Carbo veg 30c

Beads of cold sweat on forehead and skin feels cold, Veratrum album 30c


With urge

With constant ineffectual urging, unfinished sensation, Nux vom 30c

Constipation in travellers, frequent urging, great straining and only small amounts of sticky faeces, Platina 30c

Large dry stool, with painful straining, Sulphur 30c

No urge

Great dryness / thirst, sometimes with headache, Bryonia 30c

See also:

During pregnancy, Nux vom 30c

With "shy" stool that slips back, Silica 30c

Hard, knotty stool, bloating and wind better for passing, craves sweets, Lycopodium 30c

Stools like sheep dung (small balls), Natrum mur 30c

If sensation of a lump, not better after stool, Sepia 30c


After exposure to dry, cold wind, Aconite 30c

Dry cough with chest pain and headache, Bryonia 30c

Dry at night, loose in the morning, Pulsatilla 30c

See also:

Loud, rattling, (whooping) cough with vomiting, Ant tart 30c

With blue face, vomiting mucus, Drosera 30C

With nosebleeds, Drosera 30c or Ipecac 30c

With hoarse / sore throat, Hepar sulph 30c

With blueness, stiffness, nausea, vomiting, Ipecac 30c

With ropy, sticky expectoration in the morning, Kali bich 30c


First choice, reduces accompanying fear, Aconite 30c

See also:

Attacks in the early hours, Hepar sulph 30c

On waking, with lump sensation, Lachesis 30c

Also recommended:

If Aconite fails, attack is around midnight, Spongia 30c



Burning when urinating, Apis 30c

Cutting / burning before, during after urination, Cantharis 30c

Burning during / after urination, worse if lying, Pulsatilla 30c

See also:

After sexual intercourse, Staphisagria 30c if symptoms persist consult a qualified homoeopath or doctor


Before if fearful, Aconite 30c

Before fillings or extractions, Arnica 30c

Bleeding gums, after, Arnica 30c

To treat after effects of, Arnica 30c

Shooting nerve pain after, Hypericum 30c

Flu or cold symptoms after mercury fillings, Merc viv 30c

See also:

For sore, cut gums, Calendula 30c or Staphisagria 30c


With vomiting, caused by food poisoning, Arsenicum 30c

Like chopped spinach, with teething, Chamomilla 30c

With anticipatory anxiety, Gelsemium 30c

See also:

With anticipatory anxiety, Arg nit 30c

For exhaustion after, China 30c

Only on waking, Sulphur 30c


From cold, severe pain, restlessness, fear, Aconite 30c

Stinging pain, worse swallowing, Apis 30c

Throbbing pain, with high temperature, Belladonna 30c

Unbearable pain, worse windy weather, Chamomilla 30c

After swimming, Chamomilla 30c

With smelly blood-streaked discharge, Merc viv 30c

Itching inside ear, increased swallowing, Nux vomica 30c

Ear red externally, Pulsatilla 30c

After measles, Pulsatilla 30c

See also:

Throbbing pain in slow teethers, Calc carb 30c

Stitching pain, smelly discharge, Hepar sulph 30c

Stitching pain, worse left, Kali bich 30c

With sore throat, worse left side, Lachesis 30c

Spasmodic, shooting pain, Mag phos 30c

If blocked with hard wax, Silica 30c

With painful noises in the ear, Sulphur 30c


With diarrhoea / trembling / paralysis, Gelsemium 30c

See also: with diarrhoea / hurried feeling, Arg nit 30c

Better once exams begin, Lycopodium 30c


Following physical over-exertion, Arnica 30c

See also:

If after dehydration, China 30c

Also recommended: if nervous exhaustion, Kali phos 6x

upper and lower lids red and puffy, tears hot, Apis 30c thick, yellow smelly discharge, with a cold, Pulsatilla 30c with watering, caused by a blocked tear duct, Silica 30c see also: eyes red, smelly yellow discharge, Arg nit 30c

Also recommended:

Bathe in diluted tincture of Euphrasia or Hypercum


Fear after, Aconite 30c bruising and/or shock, Arnica 30c

Black eye, Ledum 30c

Also recommended:

If Arnica fails and injury is to eyeball itself, Symphytum 30c

If with feelings of anger, Staphisagria 30c


With weak vision, pains aching or burning, Ruta 30c


Particularly after meat, Arsenicum 30c

After bad fish, Pulsatilla 30c

See also:

If after shellfish, Lycopodium 30c


Burning fever with chills, restless, Arsenicum 30c

Feverish and irritable, lies very still, Bryonia 30c

Total physical prostration with shivering, Gelsemium 30c

Pains in bones, joints, chilliness, Nux Vomica 30c aching, with restlessness, red tipped tongue, Rhus Tox 30c

See also:

Pains in bones, back, legs, Ipecac 30c

Also recommended:

Bone pains, great thirst, Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c


If pain and swelling are severe, Arnica 30c

With shooting nerve pains, Hypericum 30c

If slightest movement causes severe pain, Bryonia 30c


Restless, feverish and /or chilled, diarrhoea, Arsenicum 30c

Mouth tastes bitter, Bryonia 30c

With chilliness and irritability, Nux vomica 30c

See also: constant nausea, not better for vomiting, Ipecac 30c

Also recommended:

With thirst before vomiting, Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c


Caused by pregnancy, Nux Vomica 30c

Also recommended:

If large, bleeding, Hamamelis 30c

If large, Kali Carb 30c

With burning, especially after stool, Nit ac 30c


Caused by cigarette smoke, Ignatia 30c

Indigestion after too much beer, Kali bich 30c

With sick headache and /or nausea, Nux Vomica 30c


From getting chilled, Aconite 30c

From shock / fright, Aconite 30c

With sudden, violent onset, Aconite 30c or Belladonna 30c

After over-excitement or exertion, Arsenicum 30c

After washing hair, Belladonna 30c

Throbbing headache during period, Belladonna 30c

Throbbing headache from too much sun ,Belladonna 30c

After change in the weather, Bryonia 30c

With dry cough, Bryonia 30c

With slow onset, Bryonia 30c or Gelsemium 30c

With violent pain at the back of the head, Gelsemium 30c

Due to grief, Ignatia 30c

Sensation as if a nail were driven into head, Ignatia 30c

In small spots, caused by sinusitus, Kali bich 30c

With a cold, Merc viv 30c or Nux vomica 30c

After too much rich food or alcohol, Nux vomica 30c

After loss of sleep, Nux vomica 30c

After eating ice-cream, Pulsatilla 30c

After change in the weather, especially to damp, Rhus tox 30c

After getting wet, Rhus tox 30c

From working in artificial light, Silica 30c

From draughts, Silica 30c

From travelling, Silica 30c

See also:

If before a thunderstorm, Phosphorus 30c

With hunger before or during, Phosphorus 30c

Due to grief, Natrum mur 30c

After eye-strain, Lycopodium 30c

Or Natrum mur 30c

From working in artificial light, Sepia 30c

Also recommended:

If due to disturbed sleep patterns, Cocculus 30c

If symptoms persist consult a qualified homoeopath or doctor


Give immediately, Arnica 30c

Also recommended: if never been well since, Natrum sulph 30c

If symptoms persist consult a qualified homoeopath or doctor


With fever, Apis 30c

With burning, itching, stinging, Rhus tox 30c


Head, Arnica 30c (see HEAD INJURIES)

Muscles, Arnica 30c (see also SPRAINS)

Soft tissue, Arnica 30c

Coccyx, Hypericum 30c

Spine, Hypericum 30c

Nerve-rich areas (e.g fingers / toes), Hypericum 30c

Bones, Ruta 30c (see also broken bones / fractures)

Palms of hands, Ledum 30c

Soles of feet, Ledum 30c

Tendons / ligaments, Rhus tox 30c or Ruta 30c

Shins or bones near surface, Ruta 30c

Also recommended:

For breasts /deep tissue, Bellis perennis 30c


Fear, Aconite 30c

Long-lasting after-effects, Arnica 30c

Shock, Arnica 30c

Splinters, Silica 30c


Before, reduces local reaction, Hypericum 30c, Ledum 30c

To treat the puncture wound, Ledum 30c

Shooting pains after, Hypericum 30c

Any other reactions consult a qualified homoeopath or doctor


For exhaustion, Arnica 30c

With sense of paralysis, Gelsemium 30c

Also recommended:

For disturbed sleep patterns, Cocculus 30c


Sudden on-set with burning, itchy rash, Aconite 30c

With eye inflammation, Apis 30c or Pulsatilla 30c

Bright red rash with hot dry skin, Belladonna 30c

Slow onset, with headache or dry cough,Bryonia 30c face dark red, back of head aches, drowsy, Gelsemium 30c

Earache after measles, Pulsatilla 30c

See also:

With purulent discharge from eyes and / or ears, Kali bich 30c

Purple rash, slow to emerge, Sulphur 30c

Also recommended:

Burning tears, photophobia, Euphrasia 30c

Or bathe in diluted tincture


Late / scanty after a fright or becoming chilled, Aconite 30c

Hot, heavy blood loss, Belladonna 30c

Period late after getting feet wet, Pulsatilla 30c

Nausea and faintness with period pains, Nux vomica 30c

See also:

Constant nausea before and during period, Ipecac 30c

Pains worse before period starts, Lachesis 30c

Cramping pains, Mag phos 30c

Headaches before / during period, Natrum mur 30c

Bearing down pains, Sepia 30c


Caused by burn from hot food, Cantharis 30c

Painful, increased saliva, offensive breath, Merc viv 30c

Also recommended:

If on the tongue, Nit ac 30c


With fever, restlessness and anxiety, Aconite 30c

With high fever, painful hot parotids, Belladonna 30c

Hard, enlarged glands, worse on right, Merc Viv 30c

If breasts, ovaries or testicles are affected, Pulsatilla 30c

Swollen parotids, worse on left, Rhus Tox 30c

Better for heat, worse for cold, Silica 30c

See also:

If breasts, ovaries or testicles are affected, Carbo Veg 30c

Face red and swollen, worse left, Lachesis 30c,

Moving from right to left, Lycopodium 30c


After shock or injury, Arnica 30c

See also: with cough, Ipecac 30c


Inflammation of frontal sinuses, Merc viv 30c

Blocked up sensation, worse in a warm room, Pulsatilla 30c

Nose dry, blocked and sore, Silica 30c

See also:

Pain in spots, sticky yellow-green mucus, Kali bich 30c

With headache, worse on right side, Lycopodium 30c


To ease them out, Silica 30c


To reduce swelling, Arnica 30c

If worse for slightest movement, Bryonia 30c

Worse first, yet better continued movement, Rhus tox 30c

Worse lying on affected part, Ruta 30c


with sense of paralysis, Gelsemium 30c

See also:

With hurried feeling, Arg nit 30c

Better once performing, Lycopodium 30c


Caused by draughts, lifting, Rhus tox 30c

See also:

If caused by lifting, Calc carb 30c

If symptoms persist or there is high temperature,  consult a qualified homoeopath or doctor



Eye is red, the lid is painful and swolllen, Apis 30c

Eye itches, lids sticky, yellow-green discharge, Pulsatilla 30c

If pus is present, (see SEPSIS)


Skin is dry, hot, red, throbbing, painful, Belladonna 30c

If severe, take as soon as possible, Cantharis 30c


With fever and / or headcahe,Belladonna 30c if symptoms much worse for movement,Bryonia 30c

Also recommended:

With faintness and headache better for pressure, Glonoine 30c


In preparation for, Arnica 30c

To counter the after-effects of, Arnica 30c

For surgical wounds with nerve pain, Hypericum 30c

After amputations, Hypericum 30c

See also:

For surgical wounds, Calendula 30c or Staphisagria 30c

After catheters, enemas, Staphisagria 30c

For bad reaction to anaesthetic, Phosphorus 30c

For painful trapped wind after surgery, China 30c

Also recommended:

If deep tissue is affected, Bellis perennis 30c


Red, hot cheeks, with restlessness, Aconite 30c

Red, hot swollen cheeks, Belladonna 30c

Red, hot cheek or cheeks, bad-tempered, Chamomilla 30c

With green stool, Chamomilla 30c

Better cold drinks, fresh air, Pulsatilla 30c

If teething is slow, Silica 30c

See also:

If teething is slow or delayed Calc carb, 30c

If better external heat, Mag phos 30c


better for vomiting, but finds it difficult, Nux vomica 30c

Also recommended:

Worse for fresh air, better lying down Cocculus 30c

With heavy head, worse for fresh air, Petroleum 30c

Better for fresh air, Tabacum 30c



With diarrhoea, Arsenicum 30c

Caused by over-indulgence, Nux vomica 30c

In breast or bottle-fed babies, Silica 30c

See also:

With retching cough, Ant Tart 30c (see COUGHS)

After, for exhaustion caused by dehydration, China 30c

With cough, vomiting mucus, Drosera 30c (see COUGHS)

Worse for coughing, Ipecac 30c (see COUGHS)

With constant nausea, not relieved by vomiting, Ipecac 30c

If approximately 15 minutes after cold drink, Phosphorus 30c


With shooting nerve pain, Hypericum 30c

Deep ligament / tendon injuries, possible tearing, Ruta 30c


With teeth grinding Cina 30c


Cuts, grazes, sores, Calendula 30c

Incised, clean cuts, Hypericum 30c

Lacerations, Hypericum 30c

See also:

For surgical wounds, Staphisagria 30c

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Please consult a naturopath or your doctor before taking natural remedies if you are on medication or if symptoms persist.

Carina Harkin BHSc.Nat.BHSc.Hom.BHSc.Acu.

Cert IV TAE. ARCHTI mem.

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