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Ghost Invasion: Acupuncture for Addiction

A ghost is a good or evil spirit that appears to the living. In many cultures, people believe that the soul lives on after death. I believe in Ghosts. It find it is easier to believe than not believe. There are many expression in our literature that relate to ghosts. The expression, give up the ghost is to die or to stop trying to do something because you know that you will not succeed. The saying, lay the ghost to rest is to finally stop worrying about something that has worried or you for a long time. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, ghosts can invade and cause mental illness. From some of the people I have met too, I believe this, particularly having worked in a drug and alcohol rehab for 2 years and having personally known drug addicts. I would like to discuss how acupuncture, flower essences and homeopathy, can be employed to expel ghosts and seal the aura to prevent further ghost invasion.

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